As a Board president of a 4 building, 437 family cooperative residence in Jackson Heights New York, I am always interested in containing the costs associated with the “monsters in the basement”, electricity, heating and hot water. We decided to research several different technologies; solar, wind and combined heat and power or Cogeneration. As an engineer with over 30 years experience in process control, I was keenly focused on improving efficiencies and most importantly our “return on investment. Read more.
Concern for the environment and cost savings motivated the Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation to seek cogeneration technology to produce and recycle energy. State-of-the-art technology, expertise and experience were the keys to Parker’s selection of All Systems Cogeneration to implement the project for Parker... Read more.
Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Suffolk County
Increasing energy costs and a genuine concern for the environment led executives at the Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and Gurwin Jewish ~ Fay J. Lindner Residences in Commack, NY to explore the possibility of utilizing cogeneration technology to produce and recycle energy. After much research, All Systems Cogeneration was selected to install six cogeneration units, four at the nursing & rehabilitation center and two at the assisted living community. "We were looking for a way to cut costs while reducing our carbon footprint," said Herbert H. Friedman, Executive Vice President. "Working with All Systems gave us the state-of-the-art technology to allow us to produce some of our electrical power, while utilizing a heat recovery system to provide the majority of domestic hot water for our facility." With less of the environmentally-damaging waste that comes from traditional power sources, Friedman says Gurwin is pleased to be saving money while also being environmentally responsible. "Our generators run at an overall operating efficiency of 90%, and have already exceeded the expectation of payback within three years. Funds saved will help us maintain the high quality of care that has become our hallmark, and that our residents deserve." Over the past 25 years, Gurwin has grown to epitomize the term "comprehensive care." A not-for-profit health system located on a beautiful 64-acre campus in Commack, Long Island, Gurwin’s services include long-term care, short-term rehabilitation, ventilator dependent care, hospice care, on-site dialysis, adult day health program, home care and an elegant assisted living community.
Sisters of Saint Joseph
In 1965 the Sisters of Saint Joseph established Maria Regina residence, a healthcare facility in Brentwood, New York, with the goal of helping to sustain life for future generations. Now, more than four decades later, Maria Regina Residence has extended that notion of sustaining life to include the environment by embracing the use of two 75-kilowatt cogeneration modules. These units increase efficiency while decreasing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The growing need for efficient, cost-effective power has been a key issue for Maria Regina in recent years. A surge in the cost of electricity ultimately caused facilities Manager Kevin Pollack to consider adopting cogeneration technology. Then in early 2004, he had the opportunity to meet All Systems’ President Gregg Giampaolo and the choice became clear. “I met Gregg at a trade show and I’m glad I did” Pollack said. It was All Systems knowledge of both energy and CHP (combined heat and power) that set them apart from the other cogeneration companies. Also playing a key role was their reliability and complete package of service. The team was there every step of the way and that really made a difference. “Like any Nursing Home Facility, Maria Regina draws a lot of power, which makes it a prime candidate for this technology, “said Giampaolo. Because there is a continuous demand for both hot water and electricity throughout the year, Maria Regina can take full advantage of lower energy costs. “Because the facility operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year, they are able to utilize nearly 100% of the waste heat. In just 7 months of operation the facility had a net reduction in there utility costs of $105,000.
Jefferson’s Ferry, Suffolk County
Jefferson’s Ferry is Long Island’s premier retirement community for active, older adults www.jeffersonferry.org. Jefferson’s Ferry is sponsored by the Mather-St. Charles Health Alliance as a not-for-profit community and is located in South Setauket, surrounded by the picturesque Long Island communities of Port Jefferson and Stony Brook. The Facility is proud of the various levels of quality care and their contribution to the community. It is also equally proud of its three cogeneration systems which provide almost 2,000,000 kilowatts of electricity per year in addition to heat for domestic hot water, space heating, kitchen/laundry needs and even the indoor pool and spa. Pete Pedersen, the Director of Operations, discussed it at length with colleagues in the industry, visited operational sites and by 2006 Jefferson Ferry was ready to seek competitive bids from qualified contractors. “We did our homework; we looked at sites that had track record of at least five years in operation. We also wanted to make sure a reliable company performed the maintenance and service. When it came down to choosing an installer it was really quite easy. All Systems Cogeneration had everything that we were looking for.” The facility is so pleased with the savings generated from the firs cogen system that they purchased two additional modules for different sections of the vast complex. According to Mr. Pedersen, a comparison with the previous year’s bills has demonstrated significant savings. “We are on track to have an equipment payback of less than four years. We are thrilled with our system and even happier with All Systems Cogeneration.”
The Electricity Cost Was Nearly as much as the Mortgage, KEYSPAN
For many years, the Haven Manor Health Care Center in Far Rockaway used utility electricity for all of its heating and air conditioning needs – and the price as hefty. “The electricity cost was nearly as much as the mortgage!” said Aron Cytryn, owner and administrator of the 240-bed facility. “I knew there had to be a better way.” So in the summer of 2001, Mr Cytryn called on All Systems Cogeneration Inc. and KeySpan Energy Delivery to help him get control of his energy costs. “We installed a 60 kW cogeneration unit in August 2001,” he said, “and immediately my electricity cost went way down.” Haven Manor’s cogeneration plant now uses natural gas to generate approximately 40% of the facility’s electricity, and recaptures the system’s waste heat to provide 70% of its heating needs as well as 100% of its domestic hot water. “Based on our verified savings so far, we conservatively project our savings on energy costs to be about $82,000 a year,” said Mr. Cytryn. “Energy costs are a significant expense for a healthcare facility. This natural gas system has helped us to make them much more manageable. For a facility with a heavy requirement for energy all day, every day, natural gas cogeneration is an excellent investment.”